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hey everyone [May. 16th, 2006|10:11 am]
Ana's Friend
hey everyone my name is Delia im new to this community. Im 18 years old and im 5'6''

LW: 120
HW: 175
GW: realistic 115
aiming high: 100

I lost over 15 lbs in the last two weeks partially from being sick and partially from not eating. BUt i also gained those fifteen lbs when i friggin went off to college this year, stupid freshman 15.

im pro ana. I used to be mia in high school but i just cant purge anymore. Not that i physically cant but i just dont want to, i feel like if i have to purge i have no control still. Ana makes me work for what i want, mia just kinda let me have what i want and then cough it up later. Im not saying either is better or worse. Anas just my thing.

right now i am eating under 500 calories a day. its funny cos you can eat that little and still be satisfied so you wonder why people dont just do it normally. i mean, yesterday i had some tuna fish and lettuce and carrots for lunch and dinner. and then after dinner i had some corn chips w salsa. i drank a lot of water and i was completely satisfied and didnt feel like i denied myself anything, but when i saw that everythihng i ate added up to 346 calories i was like... wow

just really really a good feeling you know?